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Stephan was born in Graz in 1982. His first time sailing he still resides in his mother´s womb, his love for the sea could not have started earlier.

Stephan lives in Graz and goes to school there. During his time at university, he involves in boatbuilding projects aside his father Hagen Zurl. After graduating as a mechanical engineer at the TU-Graz, he works as an engine development engineer. His love for designing and building boats, never rests.

In 2016, he focusses on developing sail- and motorboats. In 2019, Sankt Hubertus Boats & Yachts is founded.


Hagen was born in Gurkfeld, Slovenia, in 1943. After school in Carinthia, he studies Architecture in Graz.

Alongside his university activities he works as a construction manager in Kuwait for one year. Also, Hagen begins to transfer ideas into technical reality. Among other projects, he designs and builds skiing boots, sports cars, snow cats and also sail boats.

In 1974, Hagen begins to put intense focus on boatbuilding. As a first result, in 1975, the 9m-sailboat “Fiasko” is built. It sails until this day.

Alongside yacht design, Hagen is occupied with building architecture models.


In 1974, Hagen Zurl spends a summer at the sea during a journey to Elba. Despite being on an island and close to the water, he approaches the sea from land. This stimulates a thought in Hagen: “I need myself a boat.”

Hagen´s love for the sea and for sailing grows and the same year, he enganes in a passion that will stay with him for the rest of his life. The adventure begins in a stone pit in Hönigtal. Together with friends, equally fascinated, they begin to craft a 9-metre sailboat.

Boatbuilding since 1975

The improvised boatyard in the midst of forest and trees is called “Sankt Hubertus Yard”. In 1975, “Fiasko” leaves the yard and still sails the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea to this day.

In the following years, Hagen evolves his knowledge and craftsmanship and passes his love for sailing and boatbuilding on to his son, Stephan. New sail- and motorboats are built. The fleet grows with the passion.

Tradition and passion as family business

After graduating, Stephan officially founds Sankt Hubertus Boats & Yachts. Together with Hagen, they put all their energy into yacht design and boatbuilding.

Once and now

Methods of design and crafting may have changed, the drive was and will always be the same. Love for the ocean and the elements, moving on water, speed and elegance.

Sankt Hubertus persuits these values every day.

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